Thursday, November 3, 2016

Secrets of the Soul Mark 3

This will be very fundamental new stuff. Because I am posting it, it is not secret now, but it was a secret from me even yesterday. Should I have kept it secret from other people for now? I thought about that, and may comment later, but for now, let me get straight to what I have figured out in the past 24 hours. Then later a few local aspects/applications.

Up until now, I have been building everything (in all fields and activities) on the foundation spelled out in my paper published in Russia, and posted at That is still my foundation, but I have built an extra layer on it.

In that paper, I describe a kind of three-step progression of human minds. Step one is the level and type of intelligence we are born to, in our individual minds, even as we are embedded in normal human societies. Step two is when we achieve “sanity” or “integrity” or “zhengqi,” an enormously important achievement all too rare in the world about us today (though almost everyone is progressing that way). It is hard for me to refrain from saying more about that transition and calling, because it is so important in the lives of everyone, but that paper already says a lot, and today is time to move on. That previous paper also talks about transition to a third level, which I called “the Alchemical Marriage,” which includes not only an awareness of feelings from your soul but a kind of full-fledged symbiotic union of the brain and the soul, based on a mathematical foundation essentially the same as that of a maximum perfect marriage. My claim is that true, complete mundane sanity includes an openness to direct feelings and logic which leads one inevitably towards the third level, maybe kicking and screaming and maybe many years later, but inevitably.

As of this morning, I develop a more complete understanding of the fourth step which comes after that, which seems to be Alchemical Marriage with the noosphere as a whole. Leading up to this has been development of an understanding of the noosphere, expressed logically and formally in that previous paper, but also informally and concretely (and more completely) in the Spanish language posting on this blog just a couple of weeks ago. Also leading up to this is a deeper revisiting of quantum physics (in particular of MQED as in my post yesterday, following on some issues raised in my new paper posted at Today I simply bring those two threads more completely together. In doing so, I come closer to achieving the fourth level here.

Already (what I knew well before today) we are a symbiotic form of life. Dante used terms like “half beast half angel,” essentially the same point; is alchemical marriage like “beauty and the beast”? (No, not Trump and Clinton, but there are interesting parallels of a sort.) Well, if it is a good marriage, not entirely beauty and the beast, and our nature(s) impel us towards developing a better marriage.

The intelligence of the noosphere seems to involve two discrete levels of mental power or consciousness beyond that even of a fully sane individual human brain: (1) a special kind of “multimodular” capability, not at all like the crude cartoon versions of multimodular systems people develop when building teams of robots, but systems exploiting the deep mathematical principles of nonEuclidean symmetry more than the human brain does; (2) the full potential of quantum information technology. I used to feel that the multimodular capability does more than the quantum capability to make the noosphere level of intelligence feel different; the multimodular capability is responsible for the kind of gating of information responsible for things like assumption dreams which I have discussed before. But today I realize that the quantum capability is a much bigger deal than I realized yesterday.

In my paper for the NATO book, I talked about “forward time cameras” and about paradoxes of time. During the second half of 2014, when I developed the CMRF model for what happens to a photon as it passes through polarizer sunglasses, I realized that the photon has three “choices” at any instant of time: to conform to the sunglasses, and be absorbed; to jump to an orientation exactly orthogonal to what the sunglasses want and thereby continue smoothly and make it through the sunglasses; and to “Z-ify”, to object to the horrible choice and thereby reduce the probability or strength of the entire universe of experience it is part of. “Z” is a term in the mathematical model, and to fully understand it, there is no substitute for going to my paper posted at which gives the equations.

I think of “Z” as the “destiny” term, just as “J” is the “global hope and fear” term in intelligent systems, a term I have explained in great detail in many papers (e.g. in the journal Neural Networks). In the past few years, I have begun to understand destiny much as I understood hope, fear and values long ago. (Understanding hope and fear and values is essential even to the mundane level of sanity.)

In the NATO chapter, I discuss a question raised in the NATO workshop I wrote it for: what happens if we send a warning message to the past, which results in the gradual dissolution of the entire reality we are part of? I stated that of course we WOULD send such a warning, if we are entirely sane (even at the mundane level) because of the fine points of how evolution and sanity work, though I did not elaborate. In fact, I had previously thought about this, in part because about six times before in my life I felt I had done something which seemed exactly like that. I did those things back when my understanding of physics violated such possibilities, and I was in a state of conflict for awhile.. really eliminated only this very morning as I see how the math and the experience fit together. (There is also a bit about dark energy and matter related to level three, but I will not elaborate on that complex aspect here and now.) Ironically, the most dramatic and inescapable experience of that kind occurred in a hotel dining room and a van at the time when I gave a talk on energy to the Singularity University class at NASA Ames: I clearly remembered the “before” and “after” tracks, before the talk.

The “Z” math is a bit tricky. I often thought: the destiny effect is not really just one scalar number; is this like the J and U scalars of intelligent systems, where the gradient (a much more complex vector or graph) is what really interfaces with the experience of life? But I could not see how, at that time. Like yesterday.

When I spoke to the NATO workshop on predetection of terrorism, I thought of the backwards message as something like a great big reset button. It results in a kind of temporal loop, such that the world of the sender... slowly evaporates.. a bit like “turning into green goo” (as in a kid’s novel on “qoopy,” QP, I read a few months ago) ... but more like the fate of a virtual particle in ordinary quantum field theory. The issue of hitting the reset button seemed like an academic kind of issue to me, not something I am facing or would want to face in ordinary life.

But then... last night... 2AM.. in “cosmic consciousness” state... I saw an important loose end in what I posted here yesterday on MQED (and the much more detailed journal entries leading to it): why not communicate with my former self about the very minor changes which could have been made in the experiment of Yanhua Shih funded in the year 2000 for the “backward time telegram”? (That award is still posted at, search awards; I looked at that just a few days ago.) Should I “push that reset button”? That sent a bit of a shiver up my spine (only half metaphorically). I couldn’t go back to sleep for awhile after that; I even walked downstairs to calm down, before returning to bed and really willfully going to sleep. A thought like that really called for sleeping first, and a lot of careful evaluation. I certainly wouldn’t want to “dissolve this reality into green goo” without a whole lot of care and thought and due diligence first. (No, it wouldn’t be green goo in a literal sense, like the children’s novel, an inexpensive 4-volume paperback set I saw lying around at Costco awhile back; it would be more like the “weirdness generator” I thought about when I had a narrower understanding of what it means to live in 3+1 dimensions.) In general, this was really just an extension of the challenge of finding balance which I have struggled with for some time, balance between listening and speaking, between the need for humility and realism versus the need to be responsible in caring about what happens to life on earth.

And then... a few hours later... back to the old cosmic consciousness and dialogue...

Even when I walked downstairs at 2AM, a shivering mundane consciousness, I told myself: “OK, I do have one loose end in what I posted yesterday. I need to think more and understand more about the Integration of Consciousness Across Scenarios (ICAS).” The point is that mundane human brains are wired in origin (please forgive the simplified words) to experience just one scenario of reality, as a stream of experience. But the noosphere is more like a proper, David Deutsch style quantum computer (albeit with the time capabilities implied by AQC, see our 2016 paper in QIP). Such a quantum computer is designed to integrate ACROSS “parallel worlds.” That’s hard-wired into its design. Thus full symbiosis with the noosphere entails linking to this capability to integrate across scenarios in consciousness. I now see how my memory back at Singularity University was a simple local manifestation of that. (Sorry, but posting the details and mechanics here would be a bit much.)

Actually, the image here is a lot like the image of “Gaia computer” in one of the stories in the sci fi anthology “Far Futures.”

And so... it seems that the “reset button” is not so odd, not to be treated with excessive inhibition any more than other things I have lived with – though a sense of caution, care, humility, listening, utter truthfulness and responsibility is already quite important in such realms. But still...

And then, just a short while ago, I began more and more to think: “Could it be that someone ELSE is already hitting the reset button, explaining why DC politics really do seem to be ‘dissolving into green goo,’ acting as if someone was operating a ‘weirdness generator’?” Yes, it is real math and real physics, that weirdness generator stuff, but math ‘way beyond the level of folks who don’t even fully grasp what is a Pareto optimum. (I was recently shocked when someone publishing papers in areas like economics and optimal decision was not totally familiar with Von Neumann and Morgenstern, Theory of Games and Economic Behavior!!! That is such a crucial prerequisite to so many things... like U and J, and real understanding of negotiations such as Raiffa and Schelling learned about... much harder stuff than little Trump towers.)

But yes.. if the “reset buttons,” the communication between now and past, are a normal and healthy part of the function of the noosphere... after all, even in a Bell experiment, multiple polarizers work IN PARALLEL... so yes, there IS a weirdness generator already active here in DC, it is not just a possibility. (How could anyone resist that plain reality after watching CNN the past few months?) And it is not like a scalar Z in our experience, not like simply Z-ifying the world, because of the rich communications aspect – subject to the normal common sense rules about communication but not really more.


So – Alchemical Marriage Mark 2. It also reminds me... how much my mundane ordinary life, marriage with Luda, is ever so important in the kind of feedback and analogy it provides to relation to noosphere, which requires a WHOLE lot of respect but not a self-destructive weakening kind of groveling. A learning of balance.  Poor Trump and poor Pope that they do not have such wonderful challenging feedback in their lives... though actually, Trump’s new relation with Conway may be giving him a bit of that (obviously a lot less intense).


Where does THIS go? What weirdness will another 24 hours bring? I guess it’s too late (8AM now, I started at 7)... to just go back to bed... but we will see. The logic seems tight enough, but I also remember “what dreams may come” and some stories by Dan Simmons... and the need for caution...


Oh yes, as I save and copy this, I am reminded that today is opening day for the movie “Doctor Strange.” Fitting? Many years ago, I enjoyed the TV version, and associated it with a guy I knew in Canada, Joel Whitton; in fact, I went back and really read the summary of his last book, “Life Beyond Life,” as part of downstairs 2AM activity. He had his own view of the progression of the soul.. parallel metrics, in a way... but the full book is buried in Eudora email, I think, along with a lot of other things which became very hard to access circa 2009...

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