Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Elections the morning after

This morning, my wife asked: "What is Bernie Sanders saying now?" Well, Sanders is a pretty sober kind of guy, but it occurred to me he might prefer to go off quietly drinking with some buddies to work it out. In fact, I am myself thinking of violating my usual rule of no alcohol in the morning.

Why? In part because of the HYUGE uncertainties. Why make public statements when it is premature? The reality of even greater uncertainty now than before begins to take hold.

Uncertainty means a mix of things which COULD be good, as well as things which COULD be bad. Many, many things.

For example -- how many people remember when Hayden showed up on TV, and said, "Donald Trump might give those orders he said he would, but he would... well, we simply wouldn't obey." Hayden is not in the government now, but he had no troubles saying he may be in a position to override orders of a President Trump. Will Trump wake up to discover he is not really president, but queen of England (much as Sanders would have become if he had been elected), empowered to strut and represent but not make any decisions at all?
In fact, there are very powerful groups who tend to thing he made a deal with them already -- that he will drain just enough of the swamp for him to settle down into, and make the corruption in Washington even worse than it was. A lot of the specific position papers out there sure sound like exactly that.

Trump said he wants to be president of all the people (mumble grumble, what he is expected to say, mumble grumble), and will work to also support those good people who didn't support them -- what few there might be. Sure, he won, so who else is there who opposed him?

Well, aside from the Democrats, there is the Bush world (even Cheney world), and Romney world.

Could he try rapprochement with McCain and Romney?  Or will he prefer Rove and Cheney? Hard to tell. 

Will he focus on trying to crush the US economy, in the mold of many oil PR minions like
Lamar Smith or folks who want to zero out the money supply, or will he really give a priority to talking first to Putin AND other key nationalistic Russians, to discuss taking a much less
inhibited approach to wiping out jihadism? Will his friends in the mafia be able to root out the larger network of gestapo types now embedded in the US government, particularly FBI and the computer networks going back to Hayden and IBM? Which will THEY give priority to,. the struggle against women or the struggle against radical islam?

Time to calm down, maybe have a sip of egg nog with my wife, and watch and see.

If he does pick McCain, and does make good on trying to crack down on corruption which weakens US technology, who knows? Maybe there will still be hope for the kind of RLV which all of humanity needs to make dreams of cost-effective SSP a reality.

But I don't know.


3PM: after lots of egg nog with Luda... she notes that Trump's celebration was held in
the hotel where we last visited New York, ironically where we had a luxurious breakfast with the leading
physical oceanographer who encouraged me to shift my climate emphasis from Arctic to Antarctic THC and to pay more attention to the Teller/Wood/Caldeira ideas for geoengineering -- both very important leads, if we ever want to survive.

Another curious aspect... privacy rules are really important in the noetic world, and I do follow them very strictly, even as it often appears otherwise, and even as it is sometimes painful and harmful in a local way to follow them. But on this morning... I think I can say... Trump's surprise has more Mormon resonance than Koch resonance by far.

And I begin to understand the web of rules regarding resets and such much better than I did a week ago. The issue of managing bandwidth is central there.

In truth, however, it is also possible that some issues which do not appear as big now might have turned out to be
bigger than anticipated along a Hilary Clinton track. As was the unchecked growth of gestapo stuff under Obama, due not to his intent but to his ignorance and neglect of reality at the level of management and administration.
Tom Kahlil in OSTP has encouraged lots of stuff with such potential.  

Best of luck,


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