Sunday, November 20, 2016

Crude impressions on flow of events

Last night as I went to bed I told myself: "The larger world situation is basically looking hopeless. There are a few positive loose ends, where I am waiting for other people to do things... but tomorrow I will do a certain calculation in quantum optics which I am now more confident I can do (linking to experiments in Germany and possibly New Zealand)." That was then. I still hope to do those calculations, maybe even later in this hour... but ... even if it's fuzzy... I feel called to say at least SOMETHING for now about what hit me in two assumption dreams last night and subsequent discussion. (My mind is always clearer earlier in the day.)

There have actually been many interesting and important things this past week, but also lots and lots of intensity about what I am allowed to say and what I am not allowed to say, to whom. So I will give very heavily censored account of the second assumption dream: There I was in a place much less elegant than the usual Trump assumption dreams, talking to a kind of wiry shaggy guy (supposed to be me), with two folks close to Trump sitting on the couch beside/him.  It is odd to see an image of oneself from the viewpoint of someone else, but actually I have had lots of experience with that before, veridical. (It takes getting used to.... but I have seen Trump's images of some other folks and this was not so rough.) From the first assumption dream, from others I have not mentioned in the past few days, and from the news, it is clear that Trump is in 100 binds all at once. In essence, he was interested in just one or two questions: "OK, what do YOU see coming down the pike here? It would be nice to see a hint of even half of it. What would you propose I do in this situation?"

Well, it would not be appropriate to get into specific veridical details, or even to go much beyond the evening news (CNN with a touch of France24).

Hearing about a climate denier yesterday was part of what put me to bed early. I have often discussed why the H2S problem in the future might well kill every human on earth, and of course that depresses me. If that subject is off limits, and the US cannot even do the research to calibrate the nature and extent of the threat beyond what I know (e.g. at well, if we all die, what's the point of other politics? To be honest, I tend to feel that a deeper understanding of quantum optics could maybe possibly be of objective spiritual value, even if the species dies, so that was part of my resolution.

But that is just one thread. I tend to agree with what Obama and Romney have said: "We can agree on SOME goals, and we can do our very best to help Trump achieve glowing success in those goals we both agree on."

Luda pointed me to a web site,, soliciting ideas. After thinking about that a day, I went to it yesterday and put in a few sentences (It only allows a few lines.)  Logic said: hey, we should at LEAST be able to agree that it would be good if the US, within its existing budgets, could deploy
new access to space which can put 10 to 100 times as much mass into orbit per dollar as any of the current United Launch Alliance or SpaceX or other live projects being funded today.  Really serious national security people, who care about US defense more than they do for the graft for their friends,
should immediately see that this would be a good thing and worth serious effort. That's not a trivial topic (advanced rocket science), so I posted a new paper I have in press, and gave the link in my brief sentences ( One of the things which really depressed me was
a statement in the space community network saying that Trump will pick Congressman Spudis to lead NASA... exactly a case of the swamp draining Trump instead of the other way around; that was a major factor in how I felt going to bed yesterday.

Of course, there is also the issue of defeating the total long-term program of the Moslem Brotherhood
(a serious international network) to establish a third caliphate (more like the corrupt Abbas stuff than the stronger and more enlightened things after and even before)... to impose sharia on the entire world. Just before the elections, I was really depressed when I heard an international relations "expert" on CNN saying "Putin says he wants respect. we are trying to figure out what kind of specific little piece of graft he is asking for when he uses this code word 'respect.'" God help us.
What kind of international relations expert forgets that there are some human beings here?
It's not just guys in the 'hood who hate being dissed. And so, a certain kind of Putin-Trump axis might indeed offer chances to really defeat the Moslem Brotherhood, and that's certainly an important need of this species, both for mundane survival and for authentic spiritual growth. (But no, I am not saying we should require anyone to be "Christian" either, especially when that term has been abused to refer to things Yeshua would deeply abhor.)

I mentioned a Mormon and a Russian component in the "miracle" of Trump's incredible last minute surge. But I put in caveats that Mormons are diverse too. Can I say more about the nature of this miracle? I did observe some, and was alive in passive resonance and in watching... enough to know more, but, sorry, there are limits. Somewhere between Orson Scott Card, Babylon V and Star Wars there are hints, from people who in my view also have a bit of resonance and ability to see. Orson Scott Card seems a bit blind when he fulminates about Obama, but some people might therefore trust him more than they trust me!

Enough. Time for me to face up to some scary but basically tame equations.

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