Friday, November 11, 2016

more space people ask about Trump

What I told them:

Predicting what Trump will REALLY mean for space is like predicting dice. Trump has at times said he really wants to be hard to predict, whenever there is serious international competition and strategic stuff going on. Even with Obama, there were position papers on climate legislation VERY different from what Boxer and Reid tried to ramrod through, which resulted in legislative debacle. Which issues will Trump delegate to his (more energetic) equivalent of Boxer and Reid and mafia, and which will he try to rise to a new level through greater personal involvement?? I have done a few analyses for a few people, and LARGE UNCERTAINTY bounds are a major theme for all of us (with the POSSIBLE exception of Trump himself) at this time.

One may hope that his rapprochement with Putin, and making up with McCain, will get us out of the swamp we were in on RLV (without which all we had were dreams and hopes of pixie dust)... but lots of pixie dust salesmen have high hopes that the swamp will grow even bigger than before, with room for even more false salesmanship and ripping off of the nation.  I hope... but... we will see.

More thoughts, lots of things on this topic in the noosphere....

"Why will Trump ask IMMEDIATELY for a plan from his generals to wipe out jihadis and madressas of death? Why not instead convene a quiet 'council of war' inviting them AND a variety of key people in Russia, for a really serious all-out new direction, perhaps in the strictest security available in Russia with higher than usual protections on all sides, as soon as the right cast of characters can be set?

"And... since he needs more fiber and omega 3, why not
partake of the many great forms of fish which a real man like Putin can appreciate? "

Though red herring is part of that diet... good but to be treated with care. I am grateful that I get all those great varieties (and Japanese varieties) at home, though the most joyous is the red caviar with appropriate cheese and porto or madeira. (The US Constitution was mainly written in a bar, by folks drinking madeira. My mother's family owned the bar, on Elfreth's Alley in Philadelphia as I recall, and my father donated the bar bills to the Philadelphia Historical Society
or Association -- I forget its exact name.) That would perhaps be too much for Trump, and perhaps alcohol really can be a slippery slope without limits in Russia... but we will see.

But as for space... I do not know whether even the Russians appreciate what Boeing did for hot structures technology, vetted by WPAFB (and beyond what anyone at NASA or SpaceX knows). Also, there is a serious risk that Trump will give high-level access to people who helped him in the campaign who plan to rat him out to folks who want to take over as soon as he is inaugurated.

If Trump is VERY wise, he will realize that the folks preparing to violate the constitution and human rights in the cases of Hillary Clinton and Pete Worden are now preparing to tarp HIM... unless he limits his circle and finds a way to uncover who they are and break their power. He could trust Boyden Grey, Bush's old General Counsel, but certainly not the guys Cheney suborned in order to force his (Moslem Brotherhood's ) war in Iraq. Not any of the guys pushing Lamar Smith or Chafettz around (though Smith probably didn't need much pushing). 

The difficult times are anything but over.  

3PM: Will Trump drain the swamp or will the swamp drain him? Already it is starting to look like the bleak side of this. CNN is comparing the role of Pence to that of Cheney. And the new chief of staff is expected... well, maybe it is time for me to go back to Z stuff.

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