Wednesday, October 26, 2011

dreams in the mind of the electorate

Before, the choice in the Republican nomination seemed clear:
too much alcohol, too much caffeine, or too much money.
That has morphed a bit: choose between too much alcohol, smoking,
Mormonism... or what was that caffeine stuff?

Stage two: if a corporation can be a person, can a "person"
actually be a corporation? Vote for Mr. Oil Companies,
Mr. Banks or Mr Pizza. No surprise if pizza wins in that contest these days.
(Myself, I would have spoken back... hey, we do need banks... but with the way they are screwing up the eurozone, which could also hurt us, maybe this is not a time to assert that viewpoint with much confidence or force.)

Stage three: Is Genesis not history but prophecy? Will we soon see the battle between two brothers,
Cain and Able... and if Cain really destroys Able, will we end up "East of Eden"..
in a state which makes the status quo, for all its faults, look like a Garden of Eden by comparison?

Some say "let us pray." Right now, I could kind of get into that.