Sunday, November 27, 2016

a very large technical issue people have missed

Just before the election, when I might have put more energy into supporting Hillary Clinton, I received three very distinct tides of pushback -- one from a Mormon cluster (not Romney, but there are some links), one from a Russian tone kind of cluster, and another... you would not expect.
It was one of those "small technical issues" which could kill us all, which has been swept under the rug... or, in other language, which is a serious cancer allowed to grow in the darkness under Obama (just as "the gestapo" was allowed to grow).

Lots of notice from Obama's OSTP, actually due to Tom Kahlil (s?), who has given support to a lot of the hard core transhumanist agenda, and who might have expected to expand the already dangerous misdirected efforts if Hilary had been elected. Both with Trump and with Clinton, it is really crucial what kind of people get empowered to do what kinds of things.

The notices I was receiving from all directions... involve the use of electrical stimulation of the brain
on human beings.

I do not intend to write pages and pages on that tonight... but at the end of the day, I have been shocked that people can get away with claiming to be experts on brains or on human potential who are not fully aware of the details and significance of the experiments done decades ago by James Olds senior ... showing how electrical stimulation in certain areas is like cocaine multiplied by 100.
(That's reinforcement areas. For other, more purely cognitive areas, we have only this year even begun to decode the "neural code'.... in press... and NONE of those folks even begun to know what is involved. Just BS, like the green jobs guy Obama headed to misrule his climate change group at OSTP in 2009, well known to the head of CBO... a guy Trump should really get to know.)

Just before the election, they were having... well, let me not use the precise Freudian terms.

If there is any truth at all to backwards flow of intelligence in the noosphere...  this was
a factor even in the election. It is not a small issue.

I have often mentioned the stakeholders meeting where we were urged to line up beind a new business plan for the internet of thinmgs, in which people would be converted to things by brian-computer-interface. Those are their words, not mine, and they were a major reason to retire sooner than I had planned (as did more than half the permanent NSF technical program leaders.).

But... back to family duties..


A few minutes... there was also a major IEEE conference on BCI... whose organizer suddenly got multiple forms of cancer,,,,

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