Sunday, November 6, 2016

More on the Comey election situation

When the new Comey "suspicion" letter came out just a few days ago, some folks felt most threatened by what he said. "Egad, Huma's ex-husband got to see a few emails which the Secretary of State thought were not so sensitive. What a threat!" Others, like the ranking member of the House oversight committee, more reasonably said: "The Director of the FBI just violated hundreds of years of fair and constitutional procedures, which had protected both human rights and the integrity of democracy. The threat to democracy is more serious than any of the policy issues between the two candidates." MY view stated here was: "The most worrisome thing is WHAT KIND of pressures would be enough to break an FBI director like Comey, who must have understood how serious this was for democracy and the American system of government. WHO are the moles in the FBI, reporting to WHICH outside forces, who were ready to enact something as bad as a coup d'etat... AND STILL STAND READY to do so regardless of whether it is Trump or Clinton? Who had the leverage and power to do this, and also to get a guy like Chaffetz to switch his position in an embarrassing way re Trump and offer to stand in line with boots clicking to support the new coup d'etat? " Hey, if I hadn't seen a lot of this with my won eyes, I would have been vey skeptical... but the TV news has made a lot of things very very clear.

So: will Comey help in the investigation of who put improper pressure on him, who is a threat to the US Constitution itself?

If so, there might be some hope for democracy in the US after all.


It was so entertaining before the latest note when RT was exuberant, praising Comey as "our man." I am glad it is not so simple.

But .. I am not immersed at all myself. This is just a 5-minute break between other things.

Does Trump still have a chance?

During Quaker meditation this morning, an image came to mind: once George Bush senior was asked by W to take out (manage, run, drive) the family pickup. With hindsight, should he have said "no" and saved the pickup -- or was it more important for W to learn a lesson? In that case, the lesson was more important, and perhaps our Father in Heaven might permit such a thing now. But what of the passengers in that truck? What if nuclear weapons are involved, after an initial great depression?
Wonderful spiritual good intentions are simply not enough to prevent that, if the numbers are clearly wrong and the specific plans a disaster.

Who knows? 'Way beyond my pay grade. And also beyond random chance.

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