Monday, January 30, 2017

Trump and the World: Damned if we Do, Damned If We Don’t

 Donald Trump, like many people around the world today, has said that getting to heaven is a serious priority for him, reflected in his State of the Union speech and in his selection of preachers for his inauguration. Things are looking very grim on that score right now, not only for Trump, but for everyone else of us on this planet. I have resisted saying more about that kind of subject for the past week or two, but things have reached a point where I feel I have no choice – even though my responsibility is still to objective truth which does not bias in favor or against anyone, or, more precisely, aims to be helpful equally to all but a few very evil people (which does not include Trump). 
Here in Washington, and on “the watch,” I see more and more things which are unmentionable... but also some which should be mentioned. For myself... the words “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” come to mind a lot lately... and if Trump is serious he must feel a lot of the same. But it’s not just about Trump; there is news from all over this planet

This past week, the “dump Trump” movement has become a lot stronger, both in the US and in other nations.  For example, the local Quaker Meeting approved a unanimous motion to speak out on threats to religious liberty, with a clear connection to Trump’s new “Moslem ban,” and many members promised to redouble their efforts and join protests like the ones at Dulles Airport and next to the White House last week. At a key moment last Sunday, the clerk asked anyone with strong objections to speak out and even exercise a kind of veto power which Quakers extend to all members; I did not feel called to speak out, though in a follow-on discussion of community and leadings from God, I did say that I felt like a bit of a Martian after the previous two hours there. Long and tricky story.

One of the things I heard this week:
“Quakers work hard to listen to the voice of God. The voice now says: ‘That antiabortion march in DC is like unto a huge pile of horse manure. It is a great thing that you humans love and value your horses, but when you set up these big altars of burning manure, it stinks to high heaven. Beware the sanitation squad.”  Not long after, Luda showed me a new astronomy paper, reporting a curious case where the dark matter in another galaxy seems to have attacked the ordinary matter, and is systematically disassembling entire solar systems. That’s not exactly what I expect here, but we did have a technical discussion among Friends about how the spiritual principle of Visualization works, and how  Trump’s
(beautiful and wonderfully attractive) spiritual advisors have oversimplified in a way which can be very dangerous when playing in the big leagues; above all, there are BOUNDARY CONDITIONS affecting our consciousness at all levels, and we risk pushback or feedback much stronger than we might imagine.

This applies to the entire earth, not just Trump. For example, the ocean/H2S issue, which seems small and technical to folks whose entire “Being” is just a corner of a political brothel, is very big for earth as a whole, and may well be a very hard “red line” for the sanitation squad. (Once certain aspects get to them... that’s like reporting misconduct to an honest Inspector General... no longer in our hands... and somewhat restricted in discussion. Again, not just a US issue; nations other than US could afford to implement the Teller/Wood/Caldeira geoengineering proposal for the Antarctic without US support.)  

Earlier this month, I was at a meeting where many US government people were present from many agencies.  One looked at me in the eye and said: “You know what’s going on. Why don’t you come out and join the effort to get rid of this guy?” My reply: “Bad as Trump is in some ways, I promise you there are folks a whole lot worse itching to take over as part of the next phase.” And indeed, on the day of the Women’s March (day after inauguration here in DC), as I heard a woman speak on TV “The revolution begins here and now,” I thought: “Ah, is this another Arab Spring, this time in the US instead of Syria?”  And yes, folks, the Moslem Brotherhood has very powerful tendrils right here in the US, not just in Syria. This is not speculation; I am not into naming names when that violates a lot of principles, but I have had lots and lots of hard empirical data.

No, folks, I am not talking about Moslems or Islam in general. The Moslem Brotherhood is a very specific organization with specific goals, with a high level of documented funding from specific billionnaires in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey who basically act as puppetmasters for a diverse suite of activities (ISIS not being the largest). The Qatari group is the most outspoken and obvious, with clearest open flagrant power over the government of Qatar (not included in Trump’s ban, maybe because they have friends in Trump’s inner circle now), while life is more complex both in Saudi Arabia and in Turkey.

Whatever Trump’s failings in dialogue, we should never forget that he was the only person in the Republican field last year who clearly opposed the pressure building for a war between the US and Israel versus Russia and Iran. Yes, Russia has given a few pennies to its small TV station RT, but that is absolutely nothing compared to the huge (though sneakier) tendrils of the Moslem Brotherhood here.
The recent clamor to start a war with Russia should be a clear warning sign to all of us; if we are truly alert and sensitive, we should be like a hunting dog who really notices a whiff of where that smell is coming from. If Jeb Bush had shown true awareness of what a mistake was made in letting Cheney (a great asset of certain people in the Gulf, former chairman of a service contracting company with headquarters there) have his war in Iraq, Phase 1 of their plan, maybe I would have considered supporting him over Trump at that time, but he clearly displayed the same kind of oblivious eagerness to please such people which has already put the country into great risk. Obama was certainly much less of fellow traveler for the Moslem Brotherhood, but as a “friendly 300,000 foot person,” he smiled as he gave away management powers to the very worst third columns, third columns whose operations I have seen in very concrete terms.

Some of you may assume that my proposal for “extreme vetting” by handing out pork hotdogs and pate containing pork at the border would have been crude and unworkable... but was this recent immigration ban one bit less crude? Yes, some fundamentalist Hindus and Jews would also have complained, but wouldn’t that be a lot better than the present approach, which COMBINES a high level of complaint AND ALSO creates an appearance of a ban on Moslems as such, and which is purely stick without a carrot or a smile? (Yes, I would even throw in a choice of beer or porto as well, making it more even-handed and less region-specific.) The Spanish spent centuries taking back their civilization from Caliphate overlords, and we should not just laugh at what they came up with (even as we look back and clean it up some, and skip all the horrid doctrinal half of their vetting).

Will Trump “drain the swamp” enough to cut off the huge tendrils, direct and indirect, from the Moslem Brotherhood to the corruption of the US government executive branch, including the folks whom Cheney installed in key positions (a lot like Palpatine in Star Wars, though at least his assassination attempot against “W” was foiled, barely... see what Laura wrote...), and including the folks whom Comey referred to as “my people who want to imprison Hillary Clinton.”  Will Comey really turn “state’s witness” and tell Trump where the moles are hiding in his part of the woods, or will Trump allow himself to be blinded by ego and by the same bland encouragements which worked on Jeb Bush? Will he fight for real competition and advanced technology in aerospace, or will he give in to folks like Lamar Smith and Shelby who have led an erosion of US technology beyond what many of us thought was even conceivable just a few years ago?

By the way... scanning the world...
There is also a voice speaking to East Asia: “Do not pick a fight with the US just yet. History has shown how most emerging powers act too soon, when they would be better off waiting until they have gained more advantage. In this case, the US is on course to destroying itself far more efficiently at lower cost to you than they would under any immediate military engagement.” For example, they announce their support for stronger missile defense, but in actuality that just means more money for specialists in graft at 300,000 feet, and no sign on the horizon of any possibility of being able to launch enough material for any serious boost phase intercept. All virtual reality, all failing and incomplete visualization exercises.  


By the way, someone at our Quaker discussion group this Sunday briefly asked “Which side would Jesus take on the abortion issue?” People decided not to go further on this line of discussion... but I was reminded that Yeshua in the New Testament was very clear about opposing those who would stone women ... opposing that kind of person. Should beliefs about the soul be a community decision, binding on all members of the nation? Do we really need a Grand Inquisitor ala Brothers Karamazov?
This too is a very serious fundamental issue.


By the way, if Trump and the rest of us get this wrong, as badly as we might, I do not really believe we will go to anything like Dante's Hell. Rather, in my understanding, it would be more like what is depicted in the Book of Esdras, one of the Apocrypha. Just burning away the chaff, the spiritual equivalent of bankruptcy or of "garbage collection subroutines."

Received from the Clerk of Langley Hill Meeting one minute after I posted the above:

Dear Friends,

Yesterday, in witness to our 2015 minute on Freedom of Religion and consulting with some Friends at meeting yesterday, I felt called in my capacity as your Clerk, and after considerable discernment, to send the attached letter of support to the nine Mosques in northern Virginia. Our minute compels us "to speak out" and so we have. Others may be called to further actions or have already acted in ways they feel necessary. Our next steps will reveal themselves in the weeks and months ahead but this is a start, a voice to lend to the many others that are speaking up now and to reach out with love to our Muslim neighbors.

I intend to share this with other Quaker meetings, BYM and post to our website and Facebook page. 

In service and in the Light,


What a minute! Two more appeared almost at the same time. To one I wrote further:

It is depressing for me to hear how Bannon was a loyal agent of Cheney, and is quite open about being a loyal agent of The Dark Side exactly as in Star Wars. Though I also received an email from Germany, and agreed that we need a balance between order and chaos and not a polarized war. Will Trump bring balance to the force, as was prophesized for Anakin? Or should we change the channel to something more like Babylon V, or even a better story written as a novel?

I have also thought at times lately about Heisenberg and Von Braun, one of whom stopped German development of a new technology, the other of whom accelerated it. In my view, BOTH probably made the right decision; different technologies have different implications. If there is any hope that Trump is no further from reality than Hitler was, perhaps a new Von Braun would be possible, and even worth working for in the broadest understanding of the larger sweep of history. But if he sticks with the usual DC crowd, as he has with many of his appointments, it may be more like the Vanguard program and the US failures before Von Braun was brought back into play here.


My German friend just expressed interest today in what I sent him yesterday on a related theme:

Life as we know it in general, in any mathematical universe on any platform, is "at the edge of chaos." 
It emerges in systems which are INTERMEDIATE between fire and ice, between the "heat death" of gaslike systems and the freezing of systems with fixed point or very simple attractors.

There is some resonance between "order" and "chaos," with the path of life going between the two and avoiding both extremes.

If fermions are a kind of pure order, and bosons a kind of pure gassy chaotic field... life requires a mixed universe, like ours.
Actually, the deepest structure, in my view, is pure PDE with bosonic characteristics... so in a very strict mathematical sense, the "order" of fermions emerges "out of chaos," as topological solitons grounded in continuous fields.

But... it may be that "Einsteinian materialism" is all we have in our cosmos, or maybe some other foundation will prove to be more encompassing... someday... maybe... but if so, we have hardly any evidence yet if any about how it would differ from Einsteinian materialism.  

A key point here is that Lagrangian PDE can lead to much more interesting emergent phenomena than even I expected just a few years ago, before I studied them more deeply. No problem with paranormal and "soul" and noosphere and Father in Heaven and such... though of course when a Roman Emperor proclaims himself co-creator with Jesus of the entire cosmos, that is obviously silly and grounded in vested interest and ego rather than anything objective. (I saw a plaque claiming that in Santa Sophia in Byzantium, and I wish I had had a camera there at the time.)


Also depressing is evidence that the immediate quiet actions we needed urgently to protect our power infrastructure and others from cyberattack (see www.werbos/NATO_terrorism) was started but effectively blocked, by draconian actions quite similar to other Moslem Brotherhood actions I have mentioned.  

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