Monday, January 9, 2017

Actions We Need This Week Re Urgent Risk of World War

Three new data points I cannot ignore: (1) Hayden gets on TV, underlines urgency of starting new conflict with Russia; (2) CNN Commentator describes Trumps interest in (tough) talks with Putin as “a threat to the New World Order”; (3) just this morning, US Navy suddenly starts shooting at Iranians.

Based on more details than I will cover in this blog: I do hope Trump’s people, libertarians (senator Paul?) and democrats together could get the senate to give first, urgent priority to confirming Mattis, who in turn should be fully empowered to put the lid on rogue elements reporting outside the normal chain to folks who want to start a war while they still can.

It would be nice if that former DIA guy could also be moved quickly, so as to help provide backup in tracking down the
folks violating normal order here – folks who really threaten not only the spirit but the letter of the Constitution.
At the same time, there have been reports before of Sunni infiltration in Iran, and any new Russia-US alliance 
should work to make sure dangerous folks trying to make trouble on that side are also tracked down. No need to choose -- just to cover all bases. 

Other appointments are mostly a lot less urgent, though of course Trump family is no real risk to put through.


But... all for now. I promised to focus on other things this day, and will... 

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