Friday, October 21, 2016

Today's big cyberattack looks like Anonymous

There has been a lot of news this month about cyberattacks on US elections ascribed to Russia.
But today, the "huge" maxed out denial of service attack on Amazon, twitter, netflix and others
does not look like Russia to me, for several reasons.

One: if Russia maxed out against us, I would tend to expect much more damage. For several weeks,
we have been in a situation where really major state actors now have the ability to knowck the US back to the stone age.  See my new book chapter in press (NATO ASI, IOS, workshop on predetection of terrorism):

When Ecuador cut off Assange's links, after his gross attacks on democracy, it is only natural that his people did the worst they could... which is as nothing compared to the real new risks we are facing.

Even before I presented that paper, I did send some technical details quietly to folks in a position to close the hole. They informed me that they were moving ahead to patch the holes, in a way that would eliminate the clear and present danger. But a group I sometimes refer to as "the gestapo" and sometimes as "Magog" put a stop to that, and the key guy is dead. Should I say more?
Well, I have at least some meager sense of self-preservation.

Too bad Hillary doesn't begin to know what has happened while Obama was playing golf, evenb though it hits her very directly. What would Trump do? Make America great, or just make a deal and sell it out? For now... it seems he is even more oblivious than Obama was.

But... I do not intend to follow those threads. Quantum physics or spirit, that's what seems to be on the table next...

Best of luck. We all need it.

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