Sunday, October 23, 2016

minor election watch -- please forgive gross informality

The Donald Trump assumption dream phenomenon has continued... enough that part of me regrets
his likely soon absence from the election, and logic still points rather clearly another way.

He is now talking about "draining the swamp." I was bemused how that phrase showed up a day or two after I used it at a major anniversary meeting of a local Quaker school.. and if he had focused effectively on THAT theme months ago, he might even have had a chance.

As he goes past Hillary and CNN to blame bankers and women ... the jokester archetype is asking how soon he will start blaming space aliens.

Lots of women have lost sympathy for him as they hear specifics of his approach to women, and empathize with what it feels like to be on the receiving end of that. Yet... Hillary's main strategy this month has been simply to drive him nuts, like certain national security people who believe in pushing people past the edge of chaos. How many males sympathize with the pain of a woman really trying hard, being really focused and effective in simply driving them nuts (and not in a friendly way) for its own sake? Freud had some words for that..

But it has been effective. The latest assumption data suggests Trump starting to acquire new clinical symptoms of an extreme type, seeing a couple of his key staffers not even as human beings any more. And those women as some kind of monster eating him alive. Is that just a passing phenomenon, or will there be long-term damage of some kind? Who knows?

But I do hope Hillary will not drive Putin crazy in the same way. Being a mule for Putin's game plan of the week would have many hazards, but simply driving him crazy is not optimal either. Certainly not an easy job. At this point, Arizona is now the only race where I really hope the Republican will win, where it will not be good even for Hillary for him to lose.

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