Friday, October 28, 2016

Reruns can be fatal

I swore to pay more attention to quantum optics this week than to other things... and mostly I have.
(Guess why I don't just post exciting new equations?) But CNN and other political inputs are ever more difficult to ignore.

I mentioned before how I have seen many many satellites of the visible Clinton transition teams,
all very excited but not mutually consistent. And signs of Trump preparations, a lot more quiet. And, even stronger, preparations for what to do after Clinton is elected and promptly either removed from office or under virtual house arrest. It is a great shame that CNN tells us so little about the Rousseff situation in Brazil, which in many ways was a rehearsal, giving us some indication of what we might expect here.

Just yesterday, the House Republican who runs investigations told us gleefully how he has years worth of material to run with, and that it will never end. Cruz has promised he will block the government, with more energy than before and strong external support. And...

Many people are saying the US government is now hopelessly corrupt and nonfunctional -- and certainly we would be idiots to miss the evidence of that. And some even cite the glories of the Roman Empire under Trajan (and Pontifices Maximi serving the emperors), which resulted when Romans agreed the old system had become unworkable.

In my view, 90% of our chances of survival as a species require that we STRENGTHEN and REINVIGORATE democracy, the traditions we get from folks like George Washington and Jefferson
and Locke and John Stuart Mills, and not give way to the new gestapos.

Trump has promised to break the corruption in Washington, to be a new Teddy Roosevelt... and oh could we use what he promised!!! But... he sounds at times like a reformed drug addict (addicted to the old system), a prisoner of it and reinforcing it even as he promises the reverse. Not enough sheer cognitive power to offer real hope of a better way.

So why don't I just trust the New Imperium people to protect US national security for example? Because  I have lived and breathed the ground truth, which is quite different from the old imperial fantasies, which never worked in Rome either. (To this day, southern Spain suffers from the destruction wraught by the latifundia system.) I have seen folks like Lamar Smith BOTH running kangaroo courts to try to get Hilary Clinton, AND forcing changes in NSF and NASA substantially weakening US national security, based on a very deep misunderstanding of what an information economy is and what it takes to stay ahead. After bandits make their kill, they divide up the loot...

All for now.

Of course, back when Trump's chances seemed better, they were amazingly open about how they would take over from him, which would be much easier than with Hilary. It amazes me just how much has been done SO blatantly... but it will probably be soon enough that even the blind can see.
Trump has zero chance to become a new Julius Caesar; he is no general, and they certainly know that. So many structures have been realigned... and Trump himself actually sees a lot of the data, just refusing to assemble the implications in his mind because he doesn't like the implications.

But me... I resolve to try harder to get back to photonic kinds of things.

Am deep into photonics, but a simple question hits me about these emails:

If FBI has an existing database of Clinton emails, and a database of what is on this computer,
isn't it a rather straightforward software task to create a subset of what is on the computer MINUS things they have seen before? And then see whether hillary clinton's email address exists on any of them? Or vice-versa: use google search to see which subset has clinton's email address, and then test that subset for anything they haven't seen?

If they think they can't do that within three days, they really should ask NSDA for help in using computers. Given how incredibly serious this is, failure to do what is easy would be really serious criminal behavior, of utmost threat to the Constitution, a whole lot more grave than anything Hilary Clinton has done.

By the way, the federal employees' unions did try hard to warn Obama of the ground level takeovers, but instead of fixing anything all he did was issue PR pablum. "I have your back," he said to folks who knew about the blood on ever so many people's backs. Would Trump also be ready to play Queen of England, symbolic but meaningless?

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