Wednesday, April 26, 2017

out of the box option for Korea

I was tempted to use the word "crazy," but since everything about this crisis is crazy already, I will defer to a friend who says "use the phrase 'out of the box.'" Maybe I should have mentioned this option  before, but I was hoping the folks around the president were even more fertile in out of the box and crazy thinking. Maybe. Maybe not. The recent stuff with health care suggests there is a lot less imagination and flair than one might have hoped for.

One option would have been to ship a whole bevy of IRBMs towards the southern part of South Korea, with just enough range to be able to turn North Korea into a sea of glass. And quietly announce to Kim (with a few very quiet cc's) that he has two choices:

(1) Do nothing, and prepare for the US to give South Korea full control over its new nuclear arsenal
on the way; or

(2) Turn over all of North Korea's nuclear capabilities, from top to bottom, to firm control by China or Russia, with international verification.

Either way, Kim should also be given an invitation to the best Miss Universe events Trump can possibly arrange, in whatever locations Kim would like other than  nations off limits for US citizens to travel to. Really, there is no value in adding insult to injury! And it really was an incredible serious blunder when Trump did NOT invite Kaine plus Schumer plus Sanders to come talk with him about neutral bipartisan bandaid for health care. Normal protocol is for the big guy to do the invitation.

Except, of course, when he is so fed up that a nuclear attack or a repo man is on the way.

Best of luck...  

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