Sunday, April 30, 2017

Contingency plans for Turkey leaving NATO

I really, really hope that US and other NATO nations have been developing contingency plans for Turkey leaving NATO.

Every day the news from Turkey becomes more challenging.

Perhaps I should have mentioned... a few days ago... the image of "back to Lawrence of Arabia?"
More precisely, oppression of other Islamic countries by Turkey was a major issue before Ataturk, and Erdogan has been relentless and systematic in destroying all the achievements of Ataturk.

His biography on wikipedia was quite objective, and far from unique... but the facts about his past are clearly something he wants very hard to hide. So no, I don't think it's the wikipedia article on gauge invariance which motivated his recent decision to create a new Great Firewall of Turkey.

What WAS Turkey like before Ataturk? Well, that's a long story. Not what I will be doing today. Today just physical cleanups around the house and quantum sorts of things.    (Yesterday, dug lots and lots of dirt... an unusually pleasant day, doing what survival requires as one ages...)

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