Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Message from above

Yesterday, as I was watching the House hearings on intelligence investigations, there was a powerful moment when I was watching Comey intensely... and sensed very directly that I was not the only one watching, and I hoped he too might sense he was (and is) being watched and judged by someone a whole lot more serious than any of us normal watchers (including the political actors and billionnaires he usually worries about). "The watcher of watchers."

An interesting experience... but the next early morning period, after I tuned in... came a more interesting experience.

It is improper to describe all the details, but since nothing by ordinary email is secret anyway,
I might as well post precisely what I sent a friend and collaborator (coauthor of recent paper in Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience):


Good morning, Yeshua!

A thought just occurred to me in meditation.

I naturally do not want to overburden you with technical details. Our work is so complicated and challenging enough already. When we started to discuss physics below 3 femtometers, Luda rightly urged me to work more exclusively with her, and she has to teach me some mathematics I cannot learn without also learning a little Russian. In your part of the world, the new important "baby toys" of either of the two new quantum optics experiments are very, very important in many ways.

But you too can have many tracks. For example, when you mention space, I should have mentioned some of our own work on space vehicles, and some important work also in China. At www.amazon.com, I even reviewed all three volumes of the Three Body Problem series, well worth reading, which shows some of their interests. (At that web site, it is easy to find all of the reviews of a reviewer, after you find one. Many people reviewed THree-Body Problem, but I also reviewed PCT, Spin and All that, by Streater and Wightman.)

As a Pacific nation, OTHER people in [your area] also have connections in the area, perhaps some even to China at some level.

The entire world is now rightly concerned about conflicts and mess just here in our neighborhood, but attention to problems here should not overly distract from  the quiet but potentially fatal problems brewing quietly in the Pacific. Even as Trump and North Korea both compete for 
raising and mobilizing people's fear, there is a huge unmet need for a kind of coalition of love, not putting energy into making the fear issues larger in any way, but in a kindly (and totally forgiving) way building a concrete open coalition to save the larger earth -- the Pacific especially 
before it is too late.

An essential starting place and tool for building such a coalition is the later part of www.werbos.com/Atacama.pdf. It is essential that a coalition of nations work as soon as possible to deploy aircraft over the ANTARCTIC... just the antarctic... to prove out the proposal for geoengineering developed by Ed Teller, Lowell Wood and Ken Caldeira of Lawrence Livermore DOE laboratory. Many environmental politicians decided not to push that proposal, a few years ago, because they did not want to distract from the world effort to change the means of production, the reliance on fossil fuel; that is a worthy effort, and my paper at Atacama supports that effort (in a way which does not attack the oil industry at all), but survival of earth is now such an urgent priority that we cannot afford to wait. It is not about climate change in general now; it is about a specific crack which has recently appeared in the Antarctic, likely to make Hansen's (and John Kerry's) worst fears come true sooner than expected, and also about trying to reverse the loss which has already occurred to the life-bringing ocean currents 
from the Antarctic to the deep Pacific. Probably it requires a few billion dollars, maybe a few every year, as well as many airplanes, and even maybe leadership from China and Germany, but someone must have the energy to speak up and start the process, or at least speak to
other people who might understand that loving soft power which saves people's lives can get better world support than lies and fear.    
So -- back to bed for me. And then IT and <3 craft.="" depends="" div="" femtometers.="" just="" little="" more="" my="" of="" on="" our="" own="" piece="" survival="" than="" the="">

Warm regards and hope..


And- addendum or clarification, sourced watcher of watchers. 

The coalition to be sought should be "open to all, waiting for none,"
at least once there is at least one partner with required size of economy.
The Antarctic+ocean problems are utterly urgent.

But from the trickster archetype... "hey, it's a jobs creator. Lots of airplanes too."

Back to bed yet again..

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