Monday, March 20, 2017

how people pushed back on that last Trump post

My latest post asked: if Trump is removed, won't he be replaced by someone worse? And I have supported the idea of trying to build something more like an alliance with Russia, in the face of many larger common threats.

People have pushed back in two directions.

First, they ask: what of morale and empowerment of the people? If they get rid of Trump, won't that encourage them to be more active? But contrariwise, if they accept the worst of what is going on, won't that encourage them to a path of just giving up? I won't say much about what they said; it is just that honesty demands I not ignore it. There are tricky issues involved, and things have already been complicated and tricky enough. I think that my bottom line effort to find a way out, at the end of my long discussion of problems in the last post, would give an alternative. By the way, there was also a counterpushback: just WHO will feel empowered when they get a taste of blood? If it is multiple groups will they be empowered to generate a bigger, bloodier conflict?

Second, they asked: "What does Putin really want anyway?" That's pretty serious. Would a new Russian-US alliance be able to stop the various threads causing real danger form some kind of radical islam or third caliphate movement, aiming at sharia for all the earth? Does Putin really want that, and does he have any idea how to be realistic about actually achieving the objective?

But today I will go back to travel planning and thinking about spin. Physical spin.


Well, some spin, but the House intelligence hearing was interesting. Among the highlights: when asked to explain different approaches to Trump and Clinton investigations, Comey said :That's easy. we don't say anything at all when an investigation is not yet complete." Yes, and they all are wondering WHOM to investigate for links and suspicious outside connections. So why not deep investigation of the specific people within the FBI who successfully pressured Comey NOT to do what he said he always does, in the case of the last Hillary revelations before the election?
If they give in and agree to investigate THOSE people, enemies of ANY president, they might be able to catch them in time to turn them as state's witnesses, if they move fast enough.

It was also curious the folks who don't really understand the relation between Crimea and Ukraine proper. Now if only Putin would offer to trade, of much more diligent enforcement of Kerry's deal in Ukraine proper, in exchange for free hand and even US support for any Russian actions to take over or enforce anything in any way on North Korea. OK, maybe just wishful thinking. But it would be nice... and  a lot better for everyone except the Kim himself than other trends now plausible.. maybe even better for him if all aspects were to be considered...

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