Sunday, July 31, 2016

Is Putin now just the George Bush 2004 or Cheney of Russia?

Is Putin now just the George Bush 2004 or Cheney of Russia?

The flood of zingers in the greater world keeps getting wilder and wilder – and more and more connected to things I would not feel comfortable talking about even in this blog. But at this point, as Putin plays a double game with other people in Russia, it seems appropriate to touch on a few things I did not mention before.

On CNN this morning, Hillary Clinton expresses great confidence that Russian intelligence agencies, under the firm control of Putin, chose to conduct cyberwarfare
on the Democrats, as a way to try to get his friend Trump elected, just as Putin has manipulated elections in many other countries. Julian Assange on CNN gave the impression that this is true, that he is proud of it, and that he supports Putin’s effort to get rid of Hillary.

Dubeo ego. One must be very careful not to jump to conclusions so forcibly, one way or another.  Sadly, I am reminded of how Hillary endorsed and supported the views she was told by US intelligence people in the early stages of Benghazi, and how she trusted George Bush’s promises enough to vote for a law giving him some discretion in how to deal with Iraq. She certainly did not originate or support evil in these cases, as her lying self-serving enemies have asserted, but she did display a certain amount of gullibility which causes me to doubt what she said this morning. YES, some people have told her that it was Putin, but what about the possibility that those people themselves are linked to a DOMESTIC network which attacked Hillary for its own reasons and wanted to pin it all on a scapegoat? Not a good time to say more.  It worries me that more and more levels will come more and more into the open in the next few years, each level surprised by the next, yea until something a lot like armageddon.

However, this does not mean that Putin is any more of a genius than George “W” Bush was, or that Russia itself is monolithic. Just as “W” made a huge mistake in letting himself be manipulated by Cheney and Cheney’s friends in the Third Caliphate movement, until his “independence from oil” speech... in the same way, there is more and more reason to believe that Putin has been fooled and manipulated by his Chechen allies, paving the way to an Islamic Republic of Turkey and to the Caucusian Emirate in suzerainty to it. Of course, he and his new friend Erdogan play the old deception games of trying to blame Gulen, the US, the Kurds and any one else they can think of, to try to draw attention away from the well-planned far-reaching purges of the past few weeks. Putin has been had. Russians have known for years that Putin was going a bit far, letting blood flow in pseudo-Islamic blood-magic rituals in streets of Russia, but he got lots of credit for ending the wars with Chechnya in a peaceful way much more Christian than how the czars did things. (As I wrote this, I shiver a little to remember I am the only one in this house whose DNA does NOT show Romanoff connections... linked to why I usually don’t say much about that region.) But Putin’s deal with the Chechen friends has become more analogous to “W’s” deal with Cheney and the Third Caliphate network, and is already backfiring to a very serious degree. Russia is in real trouble now. (And there is also the minor matter of clouds of death to come out of the Black Sea, and the action of apparatchiks working for SOMEONE in Russia still actively attacking any effort even just to predict and understand what might be coming. That you can open source if you choose, if you have half a brain.)

Just a few weeks ago, when Putin’s allies started killing folks in the Ataturk airport, it was already pretty obvious what was really happening. Assad was one thing, more like the old Romanoff policy, but Erdogan is entirely different.

All for now. 

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