Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Will Donald Trump phase out white people from America?

Will Donald Trump phase out white people from America?

Yes this is real, and no, it is not a typo. I wish it were. I also wish I did not have to report and explain. Sadly, it is serious, and it seems I must (as I will explain more below if I get time).
The news on this subject will have a serious outcome.

Many people believe that Donald Trump could be the savior of the white race in America. Many other people believe that commitment to jihad is a path to paradise. Being relatively sane, I really don’t feel like exposing the thoughts which lurk in the noosphere on both illusions, but… there are times when the spirit of truth really demands that we face up to reality, even when we don’t want to. My next blog posts should be much more palatable to most people.

Donald Trump does not intend to phase out whites in America. But the noosphere of our planet cares about results, not intentions. Ignorance of reality is no excuse.

Reality: a decade or two, the Washington Post reported that illegitimate births outnumbered legitimate births in DC, but abortions were even larger. Without the abortions, illegitimate births would be outnumbering legitimate by something like three to one. That’s typical of many US citizens.

Many of us remember when political apparatchiks using the Catholic Church as a power base tried to outlaw not only abortion but birth control, homosexuality and the publication of books which disagree with their variety of sharia. Such people represented Jesus Christ as faithfully as the jihadis represent the higher spirit of Islam – i.e., not at all. Used car salesmen who came from Protestant backgrounds in areas of low education saw the market opportunity and joined the bandwagon, without any real idea where it came from or where it would take them (just like lone wolf terrorists, universal human weaknesses).

Back in the 1960s, before Roe v. Wade and welfare reform, it seemed very likely from the numbers that white people AND educated, intelligent people (very different groups, but both important) would go the way of Christians in Lebanon, based on demographic trends.  

The Clintons, coming from Arkansas, were more than slightly aware of the numbers and the trends, and were important in stabilizing what was an extremely risky situation, showing signs of really falling apart. The issues wre hard to talk about at the time. Many were horrified when some folks dared to report about women with 12 illegitimate children on welfare, strongly encouraged by existing incentives. There were powerful political forces trying to repress information on that subject, and shout down people trying to change.. yet at Harvard I got to see the primary research material, and it was clear that reality was not politically correct.

In truth, there were people in the Nation of Islam who were very much looking forward to the coming reckoning, who strongly opposed the balancing effect that Roe v. Wade, greater access to birth control and welfare reform would have. Some even called it genocide of the black race. But it was not genocide in any sense; it was an effort to maintain a reasonable balance. The core idea was to create a kind of grand bargain: sustainable, lower birth rates for all groups in the US, in return for higher education and job opportunities for all groups. A key consideration was the research showing that female education and empowerment had been a key factor in reducing birth rates for whites, and would be essential to doing the same for all groups in society.

So, bluntly: Trump’s recent promise to appoint the kind of judge who might overturn Roe v Wade (or the equivalent) creates a very serious opening to turning the US into a new Lebanon. It is understandable why he made the promise, but, as above, ignorance of the law is no excuse. Yes, we really need a “new Teddy Roosevelt,” but turning the US into a new Lebanon is not an acceptable price to pay. Of course, it is also important to consider what kind of justices would remember the rights of actual human beings, versus those of superPACs.

These issues about the Supreme Court are not new of course. Do citizens gave the right to live according to their own religion, even if it allows them to commit what would be considered sins under Sharia or under canon law? Is it safe to appoint justices committed to the proposition that canon law or shariacs in their present firm are higher laws and take precedence over the spirit of the us constitution? Like Yeshua, I gave thought very long and hard and analytically about the general subject of social contracts and covenants -- and believe that the US or German constitutions today are closer to the will of God than either of those earlier constructs from a certain level of legal apparatchiks. 

I also remember when a certain senator from South Carolina blocked George Washington and Thomas Jefferson from going as far as they wanted to prepare the us to phase out slavery. I remember when white people of the far south, thinking they were really macho in defending their own people, in Haiti, simply sealed their own doom. I really hope the US does not fall down that kind of rathole. And yes, this was a crucial issue for Gingrich, who should have known better.

No, I do not like posting this kind of thing. Quakers cannot take the blame, but last Sunday I did get to go to Quaker meeting for the first time since my operation this past Sunday, and it affects all this. I meditated very deeply on an issue which sounds different – what to publish and do about new brain data and neural network algorithms – but the picture which emerged spans both areas.

On the one hand, I do indeed have a strong personal duty NOT to prejudge any of the three remaining candidates. I need to work harder on that than I have. But I simply cannot avoid being part of the inner dialogue in the noosphere. We all have a responsibility to work through all this stuff, and more.

Of course, the Supreme Court issue, and the larger issue of social contracts in human life, is more than just a short-term pragmatic matter. The rights, autonomy and full potential of 51% of the human species are also a very big deal in the noosphere itself, and those who would strangle them have no idea what series of red lines await them and those who allow such things. Jesus never spoke about birth control, but he was clear about his feelings about pompous hypocrites who would stone women.

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