Thursday, May 12, 2016

Trump talk and important news missed in the US media

Still on my back, I keep watching more CNN and France24, with a little RT -- and seeing what they missed.
CNN did mention one very crucial event: the meeting between Ryan and Trump. They said there was a general fuzzy agreement to support unity with help from common sacred symbols : but then Ryan took charge and asked for a really serious, deep and no-bullshit dialogue on the one issue which Trump's everything in his view: the deficit. Even with the draconian sequestration law still in effect, a ticking time bomb for everything from DOD to schools, the Congressional Budget Office predicts that the deficit is on track to go south and become a true killer within a few years.
I remember just a few years ago when a great staffer I knew in the Republican house talked about how depressed everyone was becoming. "We really can't do anything on the crucial technology and security issues we have discussed, because the impossible issue of the budget is now eating everything." Mickey mouse cutbacks in agency budgets, and even huge cuts, are simply not big enough. Is there any hope at all?
There is. Ironically Donald Trump has come closer to voicing our best hope of a real way out than any of the others this year. Three really strong gutsy changes are needed, led by a president in the mold of Teddy Roosevelt (Icahn's reason to push Trump) committed to being CEO first and lawmaker second: (1) overhaul of the medical system, whose projected growth even under Obama care is the number one cause of CBO's dire projections: (2) economically unproductive tax loopholes and outright crime: (3) restructuring of procurement to create more honorable competition and options -- not as a way to reduce defi cit but as a way to stop death by gangrene in agencies still funded like NASA, a really remarkable posted child showing that Kasich WS dead wrong in saying that waste fraud and abuse is an out of date issue.
Would Trump really move to channel the spirit of Teddy Roosevelt and get us to serious valid progress in all three areas, as he promised? Conversely, would Hillary have the CEO talents to do as well, or would shse continue the tradition of righteous legislation even as mafias suborn the executive branch itself? She has experienced enough personal pain from the Mafia stuff that I see real hope for her, as I do for trump. But we will be watching both, as both have questions as well. Both have free will, and even our father in heaven would support an honest competition -- to let them judge themselves in effect by choices they have yet to make.
For the tax item above -- France24 has done an excellent job of reporting an international summit in London, led actively by Cameron the PM of UK, which is one crucial element in deciding whether our budget policies will be empty BS or real. It's now not just waste fraud and abuse and market failure in the rules for outsdourcing; it is massive and growing outright criminality magnifying all that. At first, at that meeting, it seemed as if the US was a mindless absent iceberg, oblivious to what's going on in the world; they reported an Obama executive order well-intentioned but a useless fig leaf which he didn't even know as useless. Why wasn't Obama himself there, I wondered? Today was a bit better, with John Kerry working to bridge the gap, occupying a ni he halfway between the unreality TV of dc and reality. Just halfway. With the solvency of half the world at stake, would a Trump be less wimpy than Kerry, calling for a new treaty as tough on the Cayman islands as we were before on Iran, making sure that this kind of transparency and regularity in financial accounts is not just a pious wish? (Or could Clinton give Kerry more of a mandate to take a stronger stand?) Folks, this is life or death unfolding before our eyes.
That's the main serious message of the day, but there is a lot of entertaining graffiti out there, illuminating jokes not to be taken TOO seriously.
A wishful cameo image... Trump visits Al Sadr of Iraq and says,
"Hey, folks, don't get me wrong. I'm not a small petty person. It's my job now to make America great again, but I really do want to help as much as I can to make Islam great again. One of our problems is that a lot of people who pretend to be spiritual leaders are about as spiritual as iron bars in a jail, with no concept of spirit and feeling. You, sir, are different, and I can see the difference.
" To make Islam great enough, you are working hard to make spirit and life to get back in charge, and cut back on the corruption money and hypocrisy which caused the decay and collapse of the first caliphate. To support the Real struggle, itzjihad, over the murderous illusion of jihad. Obviously I cannot lead that myself, but I pledge my full support to your leadership in that."
Who else in power and the news offers THAT kind of leadership in the Middle East? The other obvious option (not to be seen as a competitor) is.. Gulen (SP?) of Turkey now living in Pennsylvania. What is the real story between Erdogam and Gulen, a massive story of huge impact reported at length in France24 and RT?
Is Gulen like Sadr the Real deal, and did Erdogan make an awful decision to sell his soul and his people, quietly but decisively to same sneaky billionnaires who created ISIS and manipulate hordes of trolls viua the drug captogan? He like Trump and Clinton has free will, but without some change.. it is a very serious part of trends endangering the mandate of humans to live on this planet. It is much more serious than people know.
Related to that is a nasty little story, where kinzinger (SP?) and others support a new spending bill (!!) to harass expression of Russian and Chinese viewpoints in the US, like R T. Apparently the censors want to protect me from watching that channel, even though its point of view is not a secret. Why such emphasis on that small overt and open dialogue, and fkagreant neglect of the really big sub rosa and deceptive propaganda from folks like the captogan masters and their tasil wagging clients in the US? They don't want to protect us from lies and propaganda; they want a stronger position and monopoly in that area.
But.. back to other areas, more s&t....

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