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Cyber Capabilities of China and Russia Which US Does Not Have

Cyber Capabilities of China and Russia Which US Does Not Have

Whether we like it or not, the world is right now undergoing a rapid, massive reorganization due to the emergence this year of Information Technology (IT) powerful enough to suddenly make IT an equal partner with money, biology and spirit as a basic force organizing our lives on earth.  I previously posted an “elevator speech to Heritage House” on the big picture, and posted a vision of three major steps needed to build a sustainable IT foundation. Parts of that vision are really urgent, because we see serious crises around us right now, and the possibility is real that good things may crumble away as bad things erode too quickly.

I have made a lot of noise about unbreakable operating systems recently (as in, because a combination of policies by Mike Rogers and those pushing him from outside NSA, and leaks of cyberattack technology, have created an urgent crisis and a need for urgent technical action. I was very sad hearing one of our best senators talking today about cyberattack capabilities unique to Russia, when the press already covered how those capabilities came from the US but escaped to the larger world back when I was writing that NATO paper. The higher steps of the new IT vision, developing things like better intelligent markets and collaboration tools, are important, but less urgent. But what about the middle level, communications security?

I have not put out a proposal for communications in the new global IT system. But certainly I see key aspects of technology there  which are quite different from what most people know about.  

For example, from my web page:

Werbos, Paul J., and Ludmilla Dolmatova. "Analog quantum computing (AQC) and the need for time-symmetric physics."Quantum Information Processing (2015): 1-15. To see the full paper, click here. For more information on the amazing new experimental results of 2015, and possibilities for confirmation, click here.

Notice the citations in that paper to new unbreakable quantum communication designs from China and India, well beyond what is possible in the digital, first generation quantum technology which dominates most of the US work. (Apologies to Seth Lloyd of MIT, cited in my paper, who gave us the first footholds into the new continent of continuous-value quantum computing – but it goes much further than that early foothold.) Howard Brandt, the quiet leader of US government quantum technology, planned to showcase such developments in a workshop at SPIE a year or two ago, but died very suddenly a couple of weeks before that workshop. (Three or four of us did speak about the subject, but not with the kind of energy that Brandt would have created.)

Luda today tells me of a many-thousands-of-kilometers quantum communication line in China, being used in a practical way for secure communication. The same systems, she says, were proven in satellite communications as well. But I do not know whether they have deployed second generation yet.

Can we develop a third generation, exploiting time symmetry effects for even more powerful communications? That is what my NATO paper talked about.

Probably I will say more later today. For now, there is a key point: time symmetry is NOT the same as faster than light (FTL), backwards time telegraph (BTT) or forward-time camera (FTC). I do see pathways to the latter, but the ghost imaging technologies I cited in the NATO paper do not provide such pathways. All-angles triphoton is crucial to the future of science AND OF CULTURE, and only Austria and Tsinghua have the required entangled sources currently operating.    
It is not a crucial national security technology, and I hope the current blocks to US-China collaboration in that focused area can be overcome.


For your amusement, I hear lots of people asking "what does Russia really want?" The drumbeat of people itching for a stupid war is very disturbing. Certainly Putin wanted Trump, because he likes the idea of a genuine alliance focused on extreme sharia (the Third Caliphate movements including the Moslem Brotherhood.). Yet many people in the US depend on funds laundered from the Moslem Brotherhood origin, which is much more interested in overthrowing US democracy immediately than any of the original Trump people.  I am very disturbed by people who sound as if they want a legal action to outlaw RT, a clearly expressed outlet for one set of viewpoints, even as the bigger and more covert flows of laundered money from the Middle East (e.g. to Fox or to various allies in Congress) are quietly ignored.  Admittedly, Putin's recent deals with Qatar and Erdogan, as his earlier arrangements with Chechens, would have to be on the table in negotiating any alliance, but that still makes sense.

What does Putin really want? Luda said... she saw him express great regret on TV recently, about how he "has travelled to so much of the world, only seeing hotel rooms and offices." "What would really make him happy would be if he could join us on one of our kinds of adventures (small sample picture below), ideally with us and Katherine Neville to keep him company." Well... back to more immediate things...

Picture taken in Condor Pass in Peru, more than twice as deep as Grand Canyon, discovered only relatively recently by folks not native to the area. 

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