Thursday, September 29, 2016

deep esoterica and Donald Trump

This will not be hard science, at least not third party science.

At (a paper published in Russia), I explain why sanity entails a kind of fusion of what we learn from objective sources and what we learn from first person sources.
In the 2016 Presidential elections, fusion of objective reality and policy with the first person psychological realities is harder than usual. This post will all be on the first person side.

If you search on "assumption dream" on this blog, you will see lots of basics and theory.

This morning I was amazed to wake up from an assumption dream, in which I experienced life from the viewpoint of Donald Trump.  That was enough of a zinger... but I also realized that the context was very familiar, and more or less unique, and that I had had other dreams from that same source, which puzzled me at the time. This one was unmistakable.

How was it unmistakable? At a key point towards the end, "I" somehow ran into an old friend, who just happened to look like "Miss Piggy, the Latina." Actually, my brain did the usual fill ins, and
connected her image with a unique old friend of mine, whom I will not name in this context.
(She is not running for President, and deserves privacy rights. But I can say she is the one who complained about my funding a guy like Trump, mentioned in a previous blog post.) In the dream, "I" was actually happy to see her; I remember that there had been some stickiness before, but I actually welcomed being back in touch, and wanted to somehow build on the new contact. But then, Peggy Conway (a very clear image to me as to him) smiled and gently locked into my/his arm and gently steered him/me away, very emphatically down a very sharp hard path out of sight of those other folks,
as far away from their eyes as possible and as quickly as possible. "I" felt a bit bewildered by how
emphatic that was, and by how serious her concerns were, but OK, this was a tricky building complex we were in, and I would defer to her.

The building complex... well, I guess it should not surprise me that complex first-class hotel kinds of building mazes were a major part of the backdrop, not only here but in the earlier ones in the same series. I was especially puzzled earlier about another trip through that complex, where there was a kind of inner hotel specially occupied by rich Middle Easterners ... I now wish I had taken notes on what transpired there.

And before the meeting with "Miss Piggy" (who sure doesn't look like Miss Piggy on a google image search!)  .. there was an encounter with the military establishment, which he saw in much the same was as I see the Spanish military center at its peak or Trajan (Andalusia in either case), both fearful of their precise high technology capabilities and contemptuous of how much they overestimate themselves.


What of Howard Dean's "cocaine" comment. I didn't see any hint of anything like that, but I sure can model what he would have done in Hillary's shoes after that. "Well, I really don't have any right to say he is cocaine user or not, because I am not a doctor. But Howard Dean is, so I can't just
laugh away his professional opinions. To avoid all confusion, and save Mr. Trump form unfair speculation, I would give him friendly advice -- that he should take a drug test from a reliable third party, to put these concerns to rest, just as he advised Obama to make public his birth certificate and Cruz to test his eligibility in the courts."

And perhaps even: "As the Senator from New York, I learned  a lot about the financial community. I learned that there are good people, great people, and terrible people in Wall Street, just as there are in all other parts of human life, from Islam to Congress to science. Some people in the financial world work very hard to uncover the truth, like Warren Buffet or like the hero of the Netflix video "the Big Short." But others belong to the take-the-money-and-run school of fast talkers, like the guy in (ask staffers the name of THAT video?)... and that kind of group actually does often use cocaine as part of their fast talking high rolling quick-response life style. Could it be that Donald Trump is more like the second group? Really, a drug test would help put some of our worries to rest -- but not all of them, not after all those bankruptcies, after looking for tax loopholes so questionable that he is always audited, and trying to create more loopholes of the same kind."

An, but Hillary is not Trump, so she probably wouldn't do any of that. Or at least not all of it.


I never set out to create this particular resonance. But the last time I actually set out deliberately to see what life looks like from the viewpoint of another person was 'way back in the 1970's, when a very special combination of circumstances made it an ethical thing to do. Generally, this kind of connection results from a combination of factors "rolling the dice" in a particular way... It suggests a higher probability of his being elected than I would have estimated without this input, but nothing is certain or cast in bronze... not that he will be elected, or that he will instantly lead us into a global Great Depression if he is elected... but raw tea leaves do seem to point towards that combination right now.

I do remember in late 2008, visiting Rhodos, where many friends of Russia were overjoyed by
early signs of a financial collapse. "Finally, the predicted great collapse of capitalism due to monopoly power is coming, and we can dance in the streets...!" They weren't dancing in the streets in Greece, or even Russia, a few months later. No one would benefit from recapturing the new Great Depression which Kondratieff predicted, which was attenuated by Herculean efforts.

Best of luck...

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