Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Is there any hope of redemption for Trump?

There is a kind of fundamental principle that folks should always be offered SOME path to redemption. But for Donald Trump... even taking a position which is very hardline and conservative in many ways, and totally sympathetic to his deepest values... that path is harder and harder to imagine. As of today. Not because of political correctness, but for other reasons.

Above all, Trump's implicit attack on John McCain right now is very decisive, with regards to any hope that Trump might end well.

Back during the debates, when Trump was challenged about how he would balance the budget enough to let us keep from "reforming" social security, he talked about the need for more competitive procurement in big sector slike defense and aerospace. That was a really excellent answer, and it points to some of the really massive changes we would need to be prepared for really massive challenges to our very survival coming down the pike. (It probably would not be good to retell some of what I have seen in DC about this... but it is far more serious than what you would believe if you didn't see it directly.) A week ago, the best argument for Trump was:  he is much more clearly ready and able to shake old the old corrupt folks than Hilary seems to be, and we need a shakeup of the Republican party in any case. However, if he had any hope at all of really trying to do that, and any real understanding below the radar of those realities... he would know how truly unique and essential John McCain has been (and could be) for the specific niche of fighting gross corruption and gross loss of capability in the aerospace and defense sectors. McCain has pissed a few people off too...
but if Trump wants obsequious emptiness... his own style of political correctness...  so much that he is willing to try to destroy McCain, there is little hope of his doing much else of positive value.

In fact, his treatment of McCain reminds me a little of the wonderful nice novel Under Heaven,
about how some people in power can misbehave in very petty silly ways NOT constrained by the
huge damage which it may cause.

I suppose Trump COULD get back into real consideration by really making it up to McCain,
in a "full throated" fully helpful way. (As for Ryan, that's not so fundamental, and many other things lately are symbols of important things not important except as symbols, thus correctible in easier ways.)  

If Hilary does not do well enough, we will descend gently into hell anyway, but Hilary does become the main repository of our hopes and even the hopes of the entire world, unless the massively unexpected happens.

This is odd, because just... less than 24 hours ago... there seemed to be signs of Trump
starting to connect a bit finally... (odd that the computer wanted "sins" instead of "signs"
until I corrected it) ... but now, clobbering McCain is far more serious ..  

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