Thursday, February 18, 2016

A Dream From South Carolina

A Dream From South Carolina

Just an amusing story from the day watch, too funny to ignore...

Floating around, I met a regular guy from Ohio, named John, who said:

“Hi, Paul! Am I glad to see you. Come to think of it, am I glad just to be HERE. I joke woke up from the weirdest dream.”

“Tell me about it.”

“Well... I was the only human being there, except for the bartender, in this big dark bar in South Carolina. In the front of the bar, there was a big nasty fight going on, between a totally enraged uncontrolled big wookie, right out of Star Wars, and tall thin snake, who was black, whose tongue was slithering out at everyone, but still standing somehow on two legs. They were making a huge mess, and it was getting very scary.

“Besides me, there were only two dogs and a large sized baby doll. The baby doll was real just like those little dolls from the 60’s – you pull the string and it always says “Mama! Mama!” the exact same way, and it cries real tears. One of the dogs was a very nice friendly lost puppy, a kind of dark hound dog, who sat in a friendly way next to me in the back, and we both looked together towards that mess in front with sadness and amazement. The other dog was a yippy chihuahua who kept trying to join the fight, and bite the snake and the wookie. It kept yapping the same yap over and over again, to where I began to wonder if he was actually a robot too, like the baby doll.

“But then... the bartender... her name was Nikki... decided she could use a little pet chihuahua, and she decided this one looked cute enough. So she approached him quietly from behind, and started petting his fur and then rubbing behind his ears. He clearly liked that, and was happy with the idea of becoming her dog. He didn’t exactly purr... but became more regular. But for a chihuahua, being more regular meant the same old yap and attempt to bite, more regular but utterly unchanged.

“Well, that was enough, so I looked around the room to see if there was anything I missed. And there, sure enough, in the dark far right corner, I saw... Darth Vader. Yes, the real Darth Vader, complete with wheezing mask, implacable dark force and all. I could feel the waves of focused powerful hatred he felt for that bartender, as she had the effrontery to try to take HIS DOG. But, being Darth Vader, and a bit like a snake himself, he poised himself to act but held himself back just for now. He didn’t want to act until his dog won the fight... and she was actually helping him win... but the instant it was over he was poised to jump in, show her that her effrontery would not be tolerated, and smash all those silly little sunflowers she kept around the place. He would teach her to respect the dark side.

“But... he couldn’t help looking at the snake... wishing he owned it, as it was his kind of creature... but he realized wistfully that he couldn’t, and that if the snake won, EVERYONE in the neighborhood would be dead of a poison bite, the people in the room including him first. Such a snake... a creature of the God Siva, but even Siva renounced this creature. Who WOULDN’T renounce this creature?...

“But then it came to him.. hat maybe someone up there on the other side might plan to throw out half the Republicans from the House and Senate... and if so... this creature might be his unwitting instrument... just as Satan is often said to be an unwitting instrument of God, in those old stories... still condemned and destroyed in the end, but used... not quite the kind of instrument of God the poor gullible people imagine he might be...”

“Well, Paul, I sure was glad to wake up from that dream, and escape from all the alcohol fumes in that room. Does this place have any coffee? I sure could use some right now, straight or with cream and sugar, either way... just so long as it’s not Irish coffee.. no alcohol, not for a long time...”

It reminds me of the old saying by Chuang Tzu (sometimes attributed to Li Po): “Am I Li Po just waking up from a dream of being a butterfly, or am I a butterfly dreaming now that he is Li Po?”


Just for the record, in case you wondered, this was NOT a conversation either here in Virginia or on the "astral plane."  The noosphere has many aspects... 

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