Friday, September 11, 2015

jokes from the void about US primaries

It is a VERY bad idea just to believe everything you hear in the void,
even on high light frequencies which could be just light jokes....
But noticing the jokes is also one test of enlightenment....


a few weeks back, it was in the air.....

"It's circus time in America. Bring on the elephants and the clowns."

But after the first night of Republican primary debate...

"Hey, it's not fair! There were nine clowns and only one elephant! That poor lonely elephant,
trying to do his job and carry a heavy load, overstressed so much by all that nasty, ugly pie-throwing
all around him.  He must have wondered whether he was in the right place, especially when the clowns showed that the couldn't tell the difference between an elephant and a rhinoceros -- they just hate all hard working honest animals."

And later:

"Sanders may be the new Obama. The far right quietly loves him, and encourages his candidacy... sometimes not so quietly as they work on Hilary... just as they did eight years ago, building up Obama because they thought he could not possibly be elected. Is it the same game plan now? Is it just another case of a trend continuing as it was... a stream of faces form George Bush junior to Obama to Sanders?".

Another versions: A creep voice, just like Darth Vader, wheezes through his heart machine (Cheney?)...  "Power does not always require being popular or elected. Real history shows that." And so, work hard right up to the nominations to make sure that both parties pick the most wild possible candidates, so that immediately after people can be overwhelmed by how terrible it will be if either one gets into power... and THEN activate the quiet network of moles emplaced in more and more federal agencies, to prepare for this moment.. the Moment of Empire, a bit like Orson Scott Card's trilogy.  But even if Sanders is elected, as the moles progress and as he has even less line experience than Obama... he might be useful as a figurehead, to disguise real control and policies the exact opposite of what he preaches. In the broader history of humanity that would not be unprecedented, and folks with connections to the long memories of the Middle East certainly have fill awareness of that. They didn't get the war they wanted with Iran... but they will keep trying. And no, I am not talking about the Israelis here.

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