Wednesday, October 30, 2013

songs of the heart

Where to start?

Back in 2009, it was great to meet Klauss Nobel, the guy behind the "Nobel prize in economics."
He described his commitment to real, authentic spiritual growth, and I tried to convey that I too am very much a part of that real world.  He was skeptical at first, but as he grew more open-minded he asked a key question:"OK, if you're real too, what music do you use to get there?"

I smiled, and said something about the stuff I got deep into in undergraduate years, and even until 1980 or so... from Rite of Spring to Bartok and eventually to Tangerine Dream, Vangelis and lots of other stuff. But between government employment, involvement in Quakers, and failure to fully adapt to the New Music Business Model... I haven't listened as much lately. A little Kitaro and Alan Parsons when I sort laundry in the bedroom, but that's not so often.

But conveniently, there is something in my mind which can pay background music when need be even without a machine. And there is something which can tune in to humanity as a whole, selected channels, a lot like "Cosmic Consciousness' as described by Bucke.

Unfortunately, a lot of stuff "playing" out there in the human noosphere is really awful stuff,
murderous and cacophenous. (I remember when I was young when people were anxious "if you can hear my thoughts, what about this unspeakable sexual images in there?" Yes, they are ever present in humanity, and I learned more respect for Freud as I grew older, but they are a whole lot better than all that awful murder stuff out there today.)

So I was very happy a few weeks ago when I heard something in the back of my mind which was more soothing, more consistent with peace of mind... but I had no idea what it was. Luda asked me to hum it into a "song recognition' program or two she found on the web, but to no avail. Just as we often need to 'change channels" when reality seems to be showing us an ugly B grade movie...
changing channels in the music can be positive.

So... a couple of days ago... it was embarrassing. Luda and I both turned out heads when we heard it (she could recognize it from my humming)... it was just a TV commercial! The commercial for Omega watches. Oh well, better than most commercials. So I even googled "omega commercial," and was delighted to see a nice U tube, and a link to the guy who graduated from Cambridge University who wrote this.

And in retrospect, it's pretty nice. In there, with all the lying political commercials,
is something which is actually pretty positive. (Though I will stick with my digital Swiss watch.My father was proud of his Omega, as I recall..). Maybe even more so than it seems at first.
Funny how the good guys can sometimes get equal time in unexpected ways.

It reminds me of what Oemga meant for Teilhard de Chardin, and how "Omega time" would translate for him. Oddly enough, as we get frustrated by silly partisan commercials, it does also remind us of
the leevl at which there is some unity between us and even the folks who do those silly commercials.
We are all int this thing together, whatever it may be.

Though yes, there are also a couple of other links...

Best of luck,


P.S. Meanwhile, Luda had me watch an anime about "the cat", preceding the cat coming back, full iof
a Tokyo version of "West Virginia." And today...
today has mainly been Tina Turner's
"What's love got to do with it?", changed to "What's eigenvectors got to do with it?"

Having answered that, I move on...

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