Saturday, June 15, 2013

no fly zone in Syria?

After Obama's announcement about sarin gas, there is a lot
of speculation -- will there be a no fly zone, or not?

This is a classic case of binary thinking.  Are there really only two options?

From a purely technical point of view, I am a bit intrigued by a third posisbility,
which might or might not make sense: instead of declaring a no fly zone,
why not declare (or just perform) experimental reseatrch? Use it as a testbed for
new technology? Or as an evaluation of "Iranian technology"?

Why not see what kinds of drones trigger the antimissile systems, and
experiment with ways to try to remove them? If they work, then there is a chance to
do a no fly zone, but the experiment would be an interesting exercise in any case.

 But a totally different thought -- if the Russians are sincere in their worries
about Al Qaida, they should "conspire with the US" to tro to divert the next big
push AWAY from Aleppo (a key base for more progressive society and future
economic development, not a Sunni heartland) towards the environs... looking maybe like a siege... but crushing more the core base of Al Qaida in more remote locations.
And who needs Hezbollah?

Whatever... just fuzzy thoughts of a morning... I need to put more energy into things OTHER
than Syria, but can't help noticing a few things floating around...

Best of luck,


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