Thursday, April 5, 2012

A children's view of our elections: Dr. Seuss or what?

Imagine a class of children talking...

A boy said: "I am so glad we are done with that primary stage. All those nasty old roadrunner cartoons, with the newt sunning himself on a rock and looking down on the other guys... now we get to something much nicer, like Dr. Seuss."

"Yes," said a girl,"We get to choose between the cat in the hat and the grinch."

"Hey," said the boy,"He's not a REAL cat in the hat. He only thinks he's the cat in the hat. He hasn't cleaned up his mess yet, and there are all those broken plates from when he tried to do some tricks that were a little too hard."

"On no," said the girl,"At least he's TRYING to be a good cat in the hat, and that's
better than being an old grinch. Besides, after the elections, he may have thing1 and thing2 to help him, and then the messes will get cleaned up."

"Hmm," said the boy. "I don't really believe in Dr. Seuss. I believe in Alice in Wonderland. That's the world we're really living in..."

"Oh yeah?," said another boy. "Which one is the mad hatter?"

"Well," said a girl, "We still have that sanctimonious rabbit running around.
But either one of the real candidates could be the mad hatter."

"No," said another boy,"Obama has to be the mad hatter, because Romney is the black queen. Nothing else fits so well. Whose coronation is that bunny racing to attend, after all?"

"I disagree," said a kind sweet Mormon girl. "I still like Dr. Seuss.
But you should remember that the grinch turned out to be the very best,
after he had a nice little girl to talk to him. Maybe that's all he needs...
and he was so nice to his wife when she was sick, unlike that terrible tin woodman from those Wizard of Oz primaries last time.."

And then a voice rolled in from the side, the voice of Romney,"That's right. I can be what you want, whatever it is. Any trick that cat can do, I can do too.
I can be a cat. I can be a friendly grinch. I can be R2D2, see... I can mold myself to anything you like.."

"Oh, no," said another girl," You're not REALLY plasticman. And we don't want plasticman anyway. I think you are PINNOCHIO. And you've been talking to too many foxes lately, who pull your strings... let's have a look at your nose...."

And then story time ended. For one day. Many very different stories to come.


Next day: They say:"Almost, not quite. Isn't Newt Gingrich still there? Doesn't
he make a better mad hatter? Obama is more like the Cheshire Cat. And maybe Ryan
will audition for tweedeldum?" Well... maybe different tomorrow..."

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