Monday, December 19, 2011

more on primaries and Gingrich

Maybe I should have said...

My feelings about the Republican nomination changed a lot after the last debate,
one of the few I have watched, because it seemed as if it might be entertaining.

I was rather surprised by what Gingrich said about what he would do to the
judicial system, to weaken the checks and balances, a very important foundation we need more of, not less.

I figure... he is very loyal to his third wife.

The three marriages don't upset me the way they might some other folks.
Life is not so simple as many wish it would be. And Gingrich is an authentically passionate guy; I know how that is, and how incredibly powerful it can be.

But usually it means... people may be underestimating his wife, who got him to convert to Catholicism. And that may be where the supreme court stuff comes from.
And therefore it may be nonnegotiable, since her views may be supreme for him.

That could be just as important as the economic issues. So many ways to
eviscerate this country!!

Oh, well.

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