Friday, September 2, 2011

Conversations with God About the Republican Nomination

Do you remember the book “Conversations with God?” I don’t agree with
the theological assumptions, but I agree with the basic feeling and with the general practice. Most nights, at about 3AM or 4AM, when my mind is far clearer than usual, and I feel I can reach out and listen more than I usually can during the work day… I do so, and I ask many, many questions.

A few nights ago, I asked: “What is the best choice for the Republican nomination? If I have a vote,
how should I cast it?”

A wave of amusement rolled back, followed by thoughts: “That IS an interesting moral dilemma. In essence,
you would be choosing between excess alcohol, excess caffeine and excess money.
"You know what excess alcohol does. You remember that guy who filled his own house with oil, and burned it to the ground. Excess alcohol causes surly and aggressive behavior, and is the worst.
"But excess caffeine is a serious problem too. Too much of it causes headaches, tight muscles, irrational obsessive and cold behavior, which can be very destructive in its own way as well.
"Excess money is also a serious problem. You remember about the camel and the eye of the needle. That is real. Still, as you face a choice between excess money, excess alcohol and excess caffeine, excess money does offer you less risk and more hope at this time…”


Some details:

1. I am NOT advocating Mormon theology over traditional fundamentalist Christian theology. My own affiliation there is Quaker. Quakers do honestly try to listen.

2. Most of this came as thoughts (in about two seconds), but then I did go over
a few words. It is amazing how much can go through the mind in about two seconds,
often enough to take hours to write down. And how much never gets written down, for reasons of time.

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