Sunday, September 27, 2009

How to get energy breakthroughs which change the game

DOE has recently issued a "request for information" which basically asks:
"How could new research from our new agency, ARPA-E, have the maximum benefit to larger national goals,
including energy security, greenhouse gas reduction, and prosperity in general?"
This is an extremely important question, because -- as Secretary Chu recently told us -- new technology has the potential to change the game here far more than all the rest of what people are doing. Thus I worked pretty hard to condense and put together
all the best of what I know about the answer, relatively briefly. For a brief summary, and links
to the details (including the request itself), see:
I did want to list DOD as a potential partner to DOE and NSF in the specific new activities, but
certain colleagues (NOT AT NSF) asked me not to name any other agencies until and unless they express interest.

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